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Helping at Crosslines by Betty Ridge

Crosslines Team…

This month we served 77 families, with 199 people on our volunteer day. It was fairly early in the month and there weren’t as many families as they are later in the year or when our day falls later in the month. This time we did notice a big number of large families. I helped one family of seven and two families with six people. There were other families with six and several with five. Of course, the larger families get more food although the amount of commodities does not increase for bigger families. When that is explained many choose to forego the commodities (they can pick up a month’s commodities at a different time and still get them) and just get the regular canned fruits and vegetables.

What do people need to be eligible for service? They need to bring Social Security cards for each family member and a proof of residence, such as mail addressed to the person or a utility bill in their name. If only four members of a family of five have Social Security cards, they only get food for four. They are asked their income but do not have to produce tax returns or other verifications. This information is entered into the computer at Crosslines and it takes a little longer for people coming for the first time. It’s quicker at subsequent visits since they are just asked if the previous info is still the same. People can receive food from Crosslines six times in a calendar year, and can receive commodities each month.

Crosslines also gives clothing vouchers which can be redeemed at the Victory Mission or YOTO thrift stores.  If you’re interested and want to learn more contact Betty Ridge at 877-0524.

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