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Register to VOTE NO !!

Special Edition WHAT’S UP AT FIRST UU !!!


A REMINDER: The last day to register to vote in the April 7 election is March 11.


This special edition of What’s Up is focusing on the April 7 election and the effort to repeal Springfield’s anti-discrimination ordinance that increases protections for members of the LGBTQ community. We hope you will take time to consider several options for actively supporting the ordinance. And, of course, we urge you to vote “NO.” –Your Social Action Committee

NO Repeal

Last fall, Springfield City Council passed (by a 6-3 vote) a change to the city’s added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of categories of persons protected from discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing.

Immediately, a group called Springfield Citizens United sprang up, led by Calvin Morrow, a resident of Hartville in Wright County and Dr. John Lilly, a resident of Willard who serves as the group’s treasurer. This group obtained enough signatures to put a proposal on the April ballot that would repeal Council’s action. Key Catholic and Assembly of God authorities have supported the repeal.

Just as quickly a group in support of Council’s action, One Springfield quickly counter-organized in which members of the LGBT community played an important role. At the meeting of City Council that passed the ordinance, Rev. Phil Snider, Pastor of the Brentwood Christian Church, gave a stirring speech in support of Council’s actions. Snider voiced the opinions of some Christian leaders who strongly opposed the Civil Rights Movement of 1950s and 1960s, in lurid, exaggerated apocalyptic terms. He then suddenly stopped, and apologized and said that he was sorry for reading notes from a previous episode in American history. Rev. Snider’s comments went viral.

Building on this, the leaders of One Springfield have put together a strong organization reaching out to a number of vote-rich groups like the MSU student body and other 30-and-under groups as well.  You will receive more information during the service on March 8 where those of the congregation willing to help get out the vote on April 7 will receive information on how best to organize.

A REMINDER: The last day to register to vote in the April 7 election is March 11.

–Ed Janosik

Social Action committee


The Ballot Language

Here is a link to a News-Leader story on the ballot and its confusing language. The bottom line: Vote “NO.”



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