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Last Week . . .

During the ten o’clock hour The Adventurers began talking about the October theme of rest. During this same hour The Seekers spent time having a discussion in the library. At eleven o’clock the kids joined their families upstairs for a Time for All Ages focused on the theme of rest.

Downstairs we had an all ages lesson focused on the changing seasons and ways we can rest. We shared Joys and Concerns, read The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons, and then split into groups based on interest. We had one session of animal themed yoga, another with stories about rest and hibernation, and a third with the kids create an apple tree brainstorming ways that they could rest or participate in self-care.

The ideas the kids came up with include cuddling with your family, walking the dog, reading, doing Zentangles, coloring mandalas, playing video games, eating food, and sleeping. It always amazes me how much we adults learn through the discussions we have downstairs with the kids.

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