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Celebrating our sources: Beltane, The Wiccan Pentacle/Pentagram


From the Unitarian Universalist Associations of Congregations:

The living tradition which we share draws from many sources: 

Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.   

For Beltane, 2014, we focus on the pentagram/pentacle, our Wiccan symbol. 

The pentagram is currently the most colorful symbol on our banners at Springfield First Unitarian Universalist Church.  This earth centered symbol, treasured by our pagan group, dates from ancient times, and frequently is seen as a five pointed star, sometimes encased in a circle.  Our pentagram rests on a vibrant purple background. The five star points carry ancient meanings emphasized by the particular colors.  The white point symbolizes Spirit; the blue point -Water, the red point- Fire, the green point -Earth and the yellow point- Air.  Historically, the pentagram has a lengthy connection with magic and mysticism from ancient Greece and Egypt through the Middle Ages to the present time. A plain five pointed star is also associated with the Star of Bethlehem and with Medieval Christian mystics .  

May Eve was known as Beltane (Beltain) to our Celtic ancestors. Also known as Walpurgisnacht  to the Teutons and Floralia to the Romans.  It is the glorious fertility festival, with lively Maypole dancing, that marks the greening of earth, the explosion  of fruit  and flower, and new life-  bear and bunny and, and….  

Blessed be. 

May the Spirit enliven you.

May the Water cleanse you.

May the Fire drive you.

May the Earth be a foundation for you.

May the air teach you.


                                                                        (Josephine Leach,  May 1, 2014)



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