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On ending Oppression

My Beloved Community,

One of the things I appreciate most about our community, and Unitarian Universalism at large, is our willingness to engage in difficult conversations. I feel strongly that we need to continue to talk about Ferguson, but also adjust our focus to the idea that perhaps the events of the past five months have not been solely about Michael Brown, but were instead the impetus that began a movement. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s was such an important period, and I applaud those of you who stood next to people of color as they obtained basic civil rights.

I would surmise that we can agree on a few things right now: we are committed to each other as a congregation, we want equality and justice for all, we are dedicated to helping those who are experiencing oppression.

I think that presently some of us are talking past each other, in part because our information is coming from different sources. To that end, I invite you to visit this site. You will find an abundance of articles about the current movement, told from a slightly different perspective than what mainstream media offers us.

I hope that we can continue to dialogue about this. The larger issue at hand is of fundamental importance to our nation and I believe we can make a difference for the better.

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