Sunday Activities

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Come join us for an enriching time of fellowship and inspiration. Every Sunday is different, but we usually have hymns, readings, and a meaningful message. Enjoy music presented by our choir, other members and friends, or special visitors.

Don’t miss out on our time of fellowship with coffee/tea immediately after the service. All are welcome!

10:00 – 10:45 AM
Would you like to discuss your religious ideas with other like-minded people and learn about religious teachings from around the world? Come join us. Child care is provided.

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
While the adults are in service upstairs, we offer age-appropriate religious education classes for your children. Once per month, they begin in the service upstairs in the sanctuary, then those who would like are dismissed to go downstairs for a time of fun and learning.

(NOTE: on hiatus June/July)
Nothing inspires the human spirit like good music. If you like to sing, then our choir needs you! Contact our music director if you would like to help make our Sunday morning service inspirational and uplifting for all who attend. Or show up (most) Sundays at 9am for rehearsal. All are welcome!

Our Friendly Feast carry-in dinner is a great way to meet the members and friends of our church. Bring your favorite dish and enjoy a variety of good food and fellowship. First Sunday of each month, all are welcome! To reduce clean-up and paper waste, we request you bring plate/utensils if able.

Are you concerned for the disadvantaged and marginalized people in our community? The Social Actions committee picks a social justice topic each month. Often a guest from an organization that is helping others in our community is invited to speak. Stay after service for soup or salad and learn how you can help! Soup and salad is provided by the Social Actions committee.

The birthday group meets at a local restaurant each month following a service. Come enjoy a good meal and conversation, while celebrating your own or another birthday. Cake will be provided.

Group Activities

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield, MO is the sponsor of a local Humanist group. The group is known locally as the UU Humanist Group and it is affiliated with the American Humanist Association. Meetings are held monthly in the Springfield UU Church library.

The group meetings are usually focused on a reading or a special presentation and they always include wide-ranging discussions led by the group facilitators. On occasion, the group has sponsored booths at local community events

The UU Humanist group includes UU Church members as well as interested people from the community. Currently, about half of the members are non-Church members.

Unwind from a hectic week with a glass of wine or beer, snacks and good company in the church kitchen. Your first time is free. After that, please bring a snack and $2 for drinks.

Do you enjoy discussing a good book? Our book club chooses a different book for each month. The list for the year is posted on the hall bulletin board. Come join in the discussion!

We meet on the first Monday of each month (6-8 PM). Come chat about all things First UU in this informal social gathering designed for those who are new or visiting First UU. All are welcome, regardless of whether you have attended a service.

Periodically sponsor a potluck filled with, you guessed it, vegan food.

Opportunities to Work

We want everyone who attends our Sunday morning service to feel welcome and important. Every Sunday, two greeters welcome members, friends, and visitors as the enter the lobby. Contact our greeter coordinator to offer your assistance.

We do our part to keep our city clean by picking up trash along Battlefield road 3x per year.

3rd Wednesday, 8:45 am – 1:45 pm

Several volunteers from First UU join with those of Asbury United Methodist each month to assist our neighbors in need at the Council of Churches’ crisis food pantry, Crosslines.

Come and be the face of compassion and respect for those in need in our community.

3rd Tuesday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Volunteers sort & pack food in the OFH warehouse. Join others in helping efforts to provide food for those in need.

Do you like to fix things? Do you have a green thumb? There are plenty of opportunities to put your skills to good use at our church! Pound a nail, paint a board or plant vegetables and flowers in our church garden. Most of the produce is given to The Kitchen – A Helping Community in Springfield. Contact the Building and Grounds committee chair to offer your assistance.

Do you like to write? Do you have something interesting to share? To contribute personal writings, articles, news stories, or anything you find relevant, please contact our church administrator.

Opportunities to Give

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield is kept open through the generosity of faithful members and friends. Contact our church administrator to make an estimation of giving and support our church with a periodic contribution. You will not be held to the amount you specify. If you need to change the amount at any time, please notify us and we will adjust it for you.

An offering basket is passed around each Sunday morning for your convenience. If you would like to make a cash contribution, please write your name on one of the envelopes that are provided if you wish to be given credit.

Any and all donations are accepted and appreciated at any time whether or not you have completed an estimation of giving. Thank you!

Support a local charity. 50% of unidentified cash put in the offering basket on the 4th Sunday of every month is given to a charity picked by the Social Action Committee.

Help out those in need in our congregation. 50% of unidentified cash placed in our offering basket on the 5th Sunday of each month is placed in this fund.

Join a Committee

Check the calendar for times and dates.

The Sunday Service committee assures Sunday morning services are enriching and meaningful. They work provide a service each week that is organized about some purpose or theme important to Unitarian Universalists. They also work with the Music Director and Director of Religious Education to find meaningful and interesting ways of including music and children in the service.

Check the calendar for times and dates.

The Membership committee develops and implements a plan to increase membership through recruitment and retention. This includes welcoming visitors and follow-up with those who return. They identify special interests and skills of new people and how to connect them in the life of the congregation. The committee offers a Meaningful Membership Class to help new people make the transition to committed member. And finally, they identify retention issues, and monitor attendance and involvement of members.

The F.U.U.N.D. (First Unitarian Universalist Needs Dollars) committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out church fundraising activities. There are many social events and other fundraising efforts scheduled throughout the year.

This committee assures RE activities are enriching and meaningful for both children and adults.

This committee reaches out to others in need through service activities and is a voice for marginalized groups in the Ozarks. The committee also promotes church participation in UUA and district activities to maintain a strong denominational identity for the congregation.

The first impression visitors have of our church is based on the general appearance of the grounds and church interior. The Building and Grounds committee assures our church is attractive and well-maintained. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the building, care of the grounds, developing policies to protect the health and safety of congregants, and to assure accessibility for persons with disabilities.

It is nice to receive a card when you are ill, or have someone bring you a meal when you are going through a hard time. We have many loving people who reach out to help others in our church family. Contact the Caring Community coordinator to find out how you may contribute to these efforts. We are currently seeking a committee chair, please inquire.